2019 TEDxSFU Organization Committee

Michael is a graduate who has been working in the Vancouver Tech Scene for the last 3 years. As someone who has been enthusiastically attending TEDxSFU conferences for the last 5 years, Michael brings a unique perspective backed by passion to this year’s leadership team. Outside of work you may catch him aggressively dancing at Metal concerts or trying to convince his family that hikes would be a fun bonding activity.

Michael FigueroaProject Lead

Benta is a 2nd generation Chinese-Canadian settler who is passionate about researching inclusive and effective methods to address the mental health needs of immigrant populations. As a graduate of SFU’s Health Sciences program, she currently works at Provincial Health Services Authority as a Jr. Systems Analyst/Designer. In her spare time, she loves solo dance parties, sweaty kickboxing sessions, and pondering the difficult questions in life with herself or a good friend. She is extremely excited to work with such a bright and keen Organizing Committee!

Benta ChengProject Lead

Vivian is a third year Health Science and Business student. As the Internal Operations Director, she is the glue that holds the team together through thick and thin. She handles most H.R. responsibilities as well as our day-to-day operations and logistics. When she’s not in school, Vivian paddles with the SFU Dragon Boat Team, teaches kids, and takes mandatory afternoon naps.

Vivian WongDirector of Internal Operations

Kevin is a Business student at the Beedie School of Business, focusing in Human Resources and Operations. Passionate about learning from different people, he loves to listen to the stories and experiences of others on top of sharing his own, making him the perfect fit for the role of Content Development Director for our team this year.

Kevin ParappillyDirector of Content Development

Amy is entering her third year at SFU majoring in Psychology. In the past year, she’s served as an Expert Learner for Science World's Future Science Leaders program, pursuing her love for inspiring innovation in the minds of young people. Her curiosity fuels her passion for learning more about the intricacies of the human experience and research into the long-term health and social impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s).

Amy BatengasContent Development Coordinator

Sneha is a third-year international studies student. She’s very active in the SFU community and spent the past year volunteering with Spoon SFU and UNICEF SFU, and we’re pleased that she has decided to join TEDxSFU this year. In her spare time, Sneha enjoys learning new recipes, languages and trying new food.

Sneha ShahContent Development Coordinator

Jose is entering his fourth year as a Business student. As a person who enjoys discovering new opportunities and experiences to grow as an individual, Jose was involved with UNICEF SFU and SFU’s Student Marketing Association; this year, he has joined the TEDxSFU team as the Director of Marketing to oversee our marketing strategies and we couldn’t be happier!

Jose ChicasDirector of Marketing

Samantha is an SFU Alumni with a Bachelor in Communications. As the Marketing Coordinator, she helps TEDxSFU establish a strong brand identity and increases its awareness in the digital sphere. With her passion for branding & social media, Samantha is excited to stimulate conversations and share the inspiration that TEDxSFU has to offer.

Samantha TsuiMarketing Coordinator

Simba is a Communications major and Publishing minor, with a concentration in Marketing. His drive for joining TEDxSFU this year stems from his admiration for the non-profit organization’s mission to encourage people from different backgrounds to share unique stories that contribute towards bringing change to society and even the world in unique ways.

Simbarashe MtetwaMarketing Coordinator

Dasha is a third-year Business student from Russia. Her passion lies in finding right-fit partnerships and creating new connections. Her belief is - relationships never end after the contract is signed, it is a continuous process that people have to invest their time.

Dasha MezeninaDirector of Partner Relations

Michelle graduated from SFU with a major in Communication and minor in Publishing. She moved to Vancouver five years ago from Hong Kong, and this experience has really enabled her to step outside of her comfort zone and grow into the confident person she is today. She is excited to be a part of the committee to inspire and empower everyone.

Michelle ChanPartner Relations Coordinator

A senior design student at SFU, Aflred is a jazz, film, poetry and travel enthusiast. He has backpacked in China, Mexico, Brazil, and most of Europe. He believes in new ideas, new languages, and unique life experiences, even when they appear to be intimidating at first.

Alfred ZhangCo-Creative Director

Meredith is a second-year SFU student who came from Vietnam. She has always believed that Vietnamese can make a strong impact in various communities, which is why she decided to join the TEDxSFU committee. She is thrilled to bring her creative eye and experience to this year’s conference.

Meredith NguyenCo-Creative Coordinator

Roxanne is an SFU graduate with a joint degree in Communications and Interactive Arts & Technology. She is currently working as a graphic designer in a marketing agency. Outside of work, Roxanne enjoys working out, exploring new restaurants with her friends and capturing the beauty of food with her camera.

Roxanne ShihCreative Coordinator

Sofia is wrapping up her joint major degree in Communications and Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in Interactive Systems. When she’s not studying she's a Lead UX Designer developing interfaces for digital publishing software. As someone who also likes to teach young people about technology and design, Sofia is delighted to be part of sharing TEDxSFU with the world this year through the power of the Internet.

Sofia BautistaWeb Developer

Carl is a fourth-year SFU student in computing science major and SIAT minor. Focusing on the documentary, commercial video production and photography, Carl is currently running a production studio with partners.

Carl DaiVideo Producer

Stephen is a senior design student specializing in motion graphics and UX design. He is passionate about understanding the way things move and showing that understanding to others. Always hungry to learn, Stephen is using this opportunity to push his creative vision and experiment with new design methods.

Stephen TherriaultMotion Graphics Artist

Brian is currently pursuing a BSc in Health Sciences. He has spent the past school year as an Executive for both UNICEF SFU and SFU Relay For Life where he helped organize large-scale events that required months of communication, openness, and innovation. Brian hopes to leverage these past experiences into making TEDxSFU Mosaic a success.

Brian CagampanDirector of Events

Jonathan is a Business Major and an aspiring entrepreneur who hopes to one day be able to create meaningful change. Oftentimes you can find him lost in the world of fashion, practicing photography, learning new skills or exploring new venture ideas. In the fall, he will be partaking in Health Change Lab where he looks forward to creating a lasting difference. As of now, he is excited to help put on an amazing TEDxSFU Conference for this year.

Jonathan ToEvents Coordinator

Michelle is a Psychology and Linguistics graduate from SFU with a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. Throughout her undergrad career, Michelle was involved with event planning in social clubs and is excited to bring her experience to the TEDxSFU team. As a skincare expert working in retail, Michelle has grown to love meeting new people, coming up with creative solutions to problems and working in a stellar team.

Michelle ZhangEvents Coordinator

As a previous TEDxSFU speaker, Roshan knows what it takes to deliver a fantastic TED talk. An avid scientist, he brings a wealth of academic and life experiences to the TEDxSFU team. When he’s not in a lab, Roshan enjoys exploring BC, trying new restaurants and talking about himself in third person.

Roshan NoronhaSpeaker Coach

Martin is a professional speaker, trainer, and facilitator with over 20 years of training experience. He is currently working with Greystone College in Vancouver as a Business Instructor. He also works on contract with companies across Vancouver who require specialized training for their staff in the areas of Customer Service, and Presentation Skills for Executives and Sales People. Martin is the author of “The Booya Guide to Great Public Speaking…How to Speak and Present Like the Pro’s”. His proudest achievement is having helped raising two amazing kids.

Martin PresseSpeaker Coach

Transplanted from Ontario in 2010, Anthony has spent the past decade developing his leadership and speaking style. He found his passion in psychology at Langara College and graduated from SFU in 2018 with a B.A. in the program. Anthony now works in student engagement at Langara College where he empowers students to develop their passions.

Anthony VirdoMC

As a mindfulness leader, author, artist, and spirit coach, Mara finds great joy in guiding others along the path of self transformation. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, creativity and mind-body practices into her teachings. Currently, Mara hosts International yoga retreats, fuses mindfulness, yoga and leadership to executive teams, and creates online wellness videos and courses globally.

Mara BranscombeEnergizer

Bettina Rothe is an embodied leadership coach and movement facilitator. Her gift is to ignite one's connection to the intelligence of the body. Bettina supports clients in the development of an authentic leadership presence that is powerful, compassionate and self-aware.

Bettina RotheEnergizer

When Bernhard is not teaching at the School of Interactive Arts and Technologies (SIAT) at SFU or researching about how to improve immersive Virtual Reality or use it to make us more human, he can be found kayaking or sipping a coffee somewhere outside brainstorming new ideas.

Berhnard RieckeLicense Holder