Passionately bringing the best to TEDxSFU's conferences, the Organizing Committee is comprised of SFU students and alumni.


Christina Wong

Project Lead

Christina’s favourite life hack is living with a judgement free mentality and is fuelled by genuinely compelling conversations. She has a burning passion for helping individuals in need, thought provoking conversations and dinosaurs. With TEDxSFU, she hopes to stimulate intellectual bonfires with this year’s TEDxSFU conference.

Jao Dantes

Director of Internal Operations

Jao is a Communication and Environment student ready to make an impact. With TEDxSFU, he aims to engage the local community and stimulate conversation on all things technology, entertainment, and design. Some of Jao’s favourite things include meeting new people, talking about spreadable ideas, and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Pauline Leoncio

Director of Marketing

When Pauline’s not planning her next travel adventure or watching one five more episodes on Netflix, she’s a closet-writer who loves connecting and engaging with new and familiar faces. She hopes her passion and her Communication and marketing experience will help elevate this year’s conference to new heights.

Avi Gill

Director of Project Relations

Often seen with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other, Avi is always looking for ideas worth spreading. She is always looking for unique and exciting ways to engage with the community and hopes share her passion for TEDxSFU with everyone around her.

Lindsay Wu

Director of Content Development

Lindsay likes to take shots– of espresso, that is. Such is necessary to fuel her endless exuberance for things that challenge her head, heart, and circadian rhythm. With her ever-wondering mind and penchant for collecting stories, Lindsay hopes to bring perspectives to this year’s TEDxSFU stage that will kindle the equally fervent minds of others.

Melissa Ong

Director of Content Development

Melissa is a Communications and Business student by day (and night), and all-around creative enthusiast by any-spare-moments-in-between. With an inherent passion for exploring cities, Melissa hopes to meet and unearth Vancouver’s most interesting voices, preferably over a coffee and donut. She is thrilled to be part of the TEDxSFU team!

Jessica Su

Director of Events

As someone who has a constant drive in pursuing for greater achievements, Jessica’s heart beats for building meaningful connections with those around her. On her days off, she can most likely be found binge watching her favourite television shows. She is super excited to be inspired and help other people feel inspired through this year’s TEDxSFU conference!

Joy Kong

Creative Director

As a courageous explorer who loves adventures, Joy enjoys thinking creatively and trying new things everyday. She loves listening to the stories and the experiences of others as this offers her insights and fuels her creative work. Joy believes that each individual is distinguished by their own unique thinking patterns. With TEDxSFU, she is thrilled about spreading spectacular ideas to individuals who think outside the box.

Nikki An

Junior Designer

A big kid who loves playing games (Settlers of Catan, anyone?), Nikki enjoys listening to people’s stories, engaging in philosophical discussions and seeking different perspectives on various topics. She is super excited and honored to serve this year’s guests!


Vanessa Loft

Marketing Coordinator

Vanessa is a podcast enthusiast, reality game show lover and Liverpool Football Club supporter. With a passion for spreading ideas in unlikely places, she can’t wait to channel her ‘camp counsellor’ creativity into TEDxSFU 2016.

Kathleen Estanislao

Marketing Coordinator

When she isn't napping, Kathleen will be baking or stowing away pastries in her belly. She enjoys being outside - exploring all that Beautiful BC has in store and strumming short tunes on her guitar. With her passion for stimulating conversations and all that is social media, Kathleen is excited to share the enchantment and inspiration that TEDxSFU has to offer!

Simmi Dhaliwal

Social Media Coordinator

When Simmi isn’t planning her next beautiful hike or stuffing her face with amazing food at all of the cool restaurants downtown, you can find her tweeting away, snapchatting with crazy filters, or coming up with insanely long hashtags. Simmi’s over the moon about bringing her love for social media to TEDxSFU 2016! She’s excited to tweet, snap, hashtag her way into your newsfeed, stories and hearts!

Rebecca Loree

Partner Relations Coordinator

Rebecca is a fourth year Communications Major, with a passion for anything food, sports, or people related. Rebecca is also a youth worker on the North Shore and volunteers as a camp counsellor in the summer. When she isn’t working or at school, she can be found at the gym, trying out a new restaurant, baking, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, or hanging out with youth.

Aris Grout

Partner Relations Coordinator

Aris is an enthusiastic community advocate who is always seeking new experiences and opportunities to make an impact. Bringing both artistry and analysis to the team as a trained dancer & biochemist, Aris looks to put his unique skill-set to the test by making TEDxSFU 2016 the best conference yet!

Jordan Eng

Partner Relations Coordinator

He's a terrible singer, and an even worse dancer but when no one is looking, he'll do both of those things like it's his last day on Earth. With an open mind, and a passion for opportunity and growth, Jordan lives for new experiences. He's excited to leverage his business knowledge and bring that to TEDxSFU 2016!

Betty Ly

Events Coordinator

Always deep in thought, Betty looks with inquisitive eyes and questions the world. With a critical mind, she looks forward, analyzing the interconnections between each aspect. Her new initiative is to raise awareness regarding mental illnesses. Interested in novels and gaming, Betty is excited to be a part of the Organizing Committee for this year’s TEDxSFU conference.

Board of Advisors

Rosanne Ng

Senior Advisor

A dedicated volunteer in her community, Rosanne has been working with non-profit organizations for 20 years. Over the years, she has led a number of organizations both locally and at a global level. Serving as Board member of local non-profit organizations in recent years, Rosanne works with organizations on governance, succession planning, alignment and improving financial stability. As the Manager of Student Engagement and Recruitment at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, Rosanne continues her work with student groups from a wide array of models and structures.

Kathryn Koyanagi

Senior Advisor

As a creative enthusiast and an adventure seeker, Kathryn is always searching for innovative ideas to fuel her imagination. She is passionate about travelling, relationship building, and drinking coffee. Kathryn hopes to spark inspiration with this year’s TEDxSFU conference.

Jasmine Cumberland

Senior Advisor

Community engagement is incredibly important to Jasmine, and she is currently on the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser University Alumni Association and regularly volunteers with SFU events. Previously, she served as the Chair of the Board of Directors for JDC West, the largest business case competition for undergraduate students in Western Canada. Jasmine is the Manager, People & Organization at Sony Pictures Imageworks, the award-winning visual effects and animation unit of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, which is headquartered in Vancouver. She also loves to travel and has visited 30+ countries to date! Jasmine is excited to see this year's TEDxSFU team run an amazing event!

Bernhard Riecke


When Bernhard is not teaching and researching at the School of Interactive Arts and Technologies (SIAT) at SFU, Bernhard can be found kayaking or sipping a coffee somewhere outside brainstorming new ideas. This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

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