Passionately bringing the best to TEDxSFU's conferences, the Organizing Committee is comprised of SFU students and alumni.

Stephanie Lam - TEDxSFU Project Lead

Stephanie Lam

Executive Director

Stephanie is entering her 5th year as a Health Sciences student in the Population and Quantitative Health Concentration. She is passionate about all things medicine and all things health! Stephanie is currently working as a clinical research assistant at the BC Cancer Agency, while learning about the landscape of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Stephanie is excited to put on an amazing TEDxSFU event this year!

Aris Grout - TEDxSFU Project Lead

Aris Grout

Executive Director

As a nerd to the nth degree, Aris can usually be found wielding a research article in one hand and an XL black coffee in the other while self-teaching data science and compulsively listening to entrepreneurial podcasts. A recent graduate from SFU in Molecular Biology (Hon. BSc.); Aris’ experience ranges from organizing TEDx conferences and leadership summits, to working in laboratories culturing, gene editing and analyzing stem-cell derived heart cells and neurons. Aris is returning for a 3rd year at TEDxSFU, with his sights-set on putting-on an extraordinary event with the talented and creative TEDxSFU team!

Jennifer Yi - TEDxSFU Director of Internal Operations

Jennifer Yi

Director of Internal Operations

An ardent lover of steeped tea for 20 years, Jennifer is entering her third year pursuing a BSc in Health Sciences with a concentration in Life Sciences. She is a proud mum of 3 cats and the Director of Internals for TEDxSFU 2018, in that order. Jennifer is currently working as a research assistant in the Tietjen HIV lab and as a debate coach. She likes to scream as she fangirls over BTS videos or fall asleep to her cats purring on her stomach.

Maika Nguyen - TEDxSFU Director of Marketing

Maika Nguyen

Director of Marketing

Maika Nguyen is an SFU Communications Alumni and FCAT Research Assistant who is always on the hunt for a good time. From studying in England to working in Australia, Maika loves learning, creating and discovering new things. Extremely passionate about media, culture, and communications studies, Maika aspires to be an academic activist /professor in the near future. As cheesy as it sounds, Maika wants to change the world. Whether it is by producing intersectional media or volunteering at a local non-profit, Maika is making sure her efforts count. In her spare time, you can find her hanging off a mountain (hiking/climbing) or singing and playing guitar in the park with friends!

Helen Bezverhaia - TEDxSFU Creative Director

Helen Bezverhaia

Creative Director

Helen gets excited about any piece of visual communication that evokes emotion and she plans to spend her life learning how to master that. As a 6th year design & business student, Helen is passionate about creative direction and branding that stems from socially responsible practices. Apart from that Helen loves cycling, horses, and all other animals. She secretly dreams about living on a farm with high-speed internet.

Benta Cheng - TEDxSFU Director of Events

Benta Cheng

Director of Events

Benta is a SFU Health Sciences student and Jr. Systems Analyst at the Provincial Health Services Authority. She is an avid enthusiast of youth mental health, healthy city design, and strategies for effective chronic collaboration. In her spare time, she enjoys kickboxing, hiking, and hanging out with a great friend or book. As one of the Event Directors, she hopes to help create an inclusive and safe space for storytelling, reflection, and mingling.

Micaela Evans - TEDxSFU Director of Events

Micaela Evans

Director of Events

Micaela is a recent graduate of SFU’s Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies x First Nations Studies programs. She is an intersectional feminist activist who can always be found with coffee in hand, working on projects relating to accessibility, disability justice, and sexual health. Outside of her role with TEDxSFU, Micaela currently works at Spinal Cord Injury BC as the Events and Communications Coordinator.

Cori Baldwin Paquette - TEDxSFU Director of Content Development

Cori Baldwin Paquette

Director of Content Development

Cori is a 5th year SFU student, focusing on communication studies and fine arts. Growing up in London Ontario, Cori moved to Vancouver for University and hasn’t looked back. In the fall she will be participating in SFU’s Semester in Dialogue at City Studio and can’t wait to engage with experimental forms of education. In her free time, she enjoys smashing the patriarchy, watching RuPauls Drag Race and petting as many dogs as she can on the way!

Henry Tran - TEDxSFU Director of Partner Relations

Henry Tran

Director of Partner Relations

Henry is in his fifth-year at SFU studying towards a major in Behavioural Neuroscience and a minor in English. Henry is currently working as a research assistant for Drs. David Vocadlo, Neil Watson, Bryan Jones, and Omid Tavassoly — on a project that examines the role of O-glycosylation inhibitors in Parkinson’s Disease. Outside of school, Henry is also involved in other health initiatives, such as Physician Quality Improvement and Thrombosis research at VGH. Henry is ecstatic to serve as this year’s Director of Partner Relations.

Emily Wu - TEDxSFU Marketing Coordinator

Emily Wu

Marketing Coordinator

Emily is entering her third year pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Communications. Born and raised in Indonesia, Emily has enjoyed living in Vancouver for the past few years. She has a slight obsession with Starbucks and bubble teas. In her free time, you can find her volunteering for the Red Cross, working out at the gym, and binge-watching TV shows.

Emily Anderson - TEDxSFU Marketing Coordinator

Emily Anderson

Marketing Coordinator

Emily is a recent graduate from SFU’s french program with a focus in french language studies and Canadian history. In 2018 Emily has visited 7 countries including Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, France and more. When she is not travelling she’s usually volunteering with at risk youth or working one of her 3 jobs.

Amber Shuaiqi Shao - TEDxSFU Design Coordinator

Amber Shuaiqi Shao

Design Coordinator

Amber is in her fourth year studying towards a joint major in Interactive Art & technology and Communication. This summer, she works at SFU FCAT as a Communications and Digital Media Assistant. Amber is extremely passionate about all things related to art and design. She enjoys exploring new places with her camera and trying out new desserts with her friends in her free time.

Sara Milosavic - TEDxSFU Design Coordinator

Sara Milosavic

Design Coordinator

Sara is a third year Interactive Arts & Technology student who is passionate about all things design. She loves anything to do with art, including dancing and playing the drums. She is always looking to push herself through new opportunities, and to live outside her comfort zone. Sara is very excited to learn and grow as a part of the TEDxSFU team!

Ashley Lum - TEDxSFU Event Coordinator

Ashley Lum

Event Coordinator

Ashley is a fourth-year criminology student, where her interests range from mental illness and the law to crime prevention and immigration policy. Ashley is a research assistant for Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services, working on studies covering topics such as the overuse of custody and sex offender recidivism. She also enjoys painting and petting pups and dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Lindsey Cruz - TEDxSFU Event Coordinator

Lindsey Cruz

Event Coordinator

When Lindsey isn’t writing and creating, she can be found immersed in other works of art and entertainment, whether that’s through dancing, travelling, listening to soul music, or watching witty TV shows. She is dedicated to being authentic and a lifelong learner, always welcoming newness into her life. Lindsey is thrilled to be part of the TEDxSFU team for the 2018 conference and can’t wait to see the final product!

Vivian Wong - TEDxSFU Content Development Coordinator

Vivian Wong

Content Development Coordinator

The baby of the team: Vivian! She is a second year Arts & Social Sciences student who is an optimistic and wild individual that thinks of the craziest ideas. Vivian loves dragon boating, eating and meeting new people. This summer, she is a camp instructor for SFU Camps and can’t wait to meet all her campers.

Elizabeth Stewart-Bain - TEDxSFU Content Development Coordinator

Elizabeth Stewart-Bain

Content Development Coordinator

Elizabeth is a third year student at SFU studying communication with a minor in the digital and print publishing program. In the spring she will be studying abroad in the south of France and is looking forward to engaging with a new community. In her spare time she enjoys long runs on the beach, reading novels by the water and eating sushi!

Michelle Li - TEDxSFU Partner Relations Coordinator

Michelle Li

Partner Relations Coordinator

Michelle is a fifth year Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry student hopefully going into Cosmetic Chemistry after graduation. She recently finished 6 months of exchange in Germany and loves anything related to travel, Germany or Europe. She can’t answer where her favourite travel spot in Europe is but she can probably tell you about the food she loved in each country.

Hussein Hassan - TEDxSFU Partner Relations Coordinator

Hussein Hassan

Partner Relations Coordinator

Hussein is a 4th year Health Science Student with an array of passions from exploring the outdoors to studying the inequalities of the world. When he isn't delving into new found passions, Hussein spends his days working at Science AL!Ve - a STEM outreach organization based out of SFU. He is excited to share his interests and positive attitudes with the TEDxSFU team this year!

Board of Advisors & Coaches
Bernhard Riecke - Licensee & Speaker Coach

Bernhard Riecke

Licensee & Speaker Coach

When Bernhard is not teaching at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at SFU or researching about how to improve immersive Virtual Reality or use it to make us more human, he can be found kayaking or sipping a coffee somewhere outside brainstorming new ideas.

Rose Yeung - Speaker Coach

Rose Yeung

Speaker Coach

Previous TEDxSFU speaker. Rose currently works as a clinical psychotherapy counsellor in her own private counselling practice, as well as Vancouver general hospital, providing therapy to people struggling with mental illness. When she is not working, Rose would love to just relax with a book and eat chicken wings; however, in reality, she would be found laughing and chasing after her two young children with her husband.

Christina Wong - Senior Advisor

Christina Wong

Senior Advisor

Christina loves to speak to people with open minds and adores anything related to giraffes, unicorns, and dinosaurs. After attending last year’s conference, she knew she wanted to share her passions with other individuals by bringing TEDxSFU 2018 to life!

Lindsay Wu - Senior Advisor

Lindsay Wu

Senior Advisor

Lindsay is a recent SFU Alumni with a Bachelor in Communications. She believes that understanding other perspectives and seeing things from different angles is the key to creating change together, which is why she is passionate about TEDxSFU. In her spare time, Lindsay takes photos and draws.

Melissa Ong - Senior Advisor

Melissa Ong

Senior Advisor

Melissa is fueled by people, collaboration, and ideas – and in 2016, she found those very values in TEDxSFU. Storytelling is her jam and she finds fulfillment in making even the slightest, positive imprint on someone else’s life. Previously a professionally-trained ballet dancer, Melissa is now a marketing communications professional, an enthusiast of all things digital, and an avid photographer. Also, for any inquiries about Netflix documentaries, please don’t hesitate to contact Melissa.

Tamara Connell - Senior Advisor

Tamara Connell

Senior Advisor

Tamara oversees RADIUS SFU’s innovative curriculum and its delivery. She builds upon more than a dozen years of adult education and facilitation, and is a certified personal coach and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitator. She holds a BSc. in Environmental Planning and a Master’s of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.

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