Passionately bringing the best to TEDxSFU's conferences, the Organizing Committee is comprised of SFU students and alumni.


Melissa Ong

Project Lead

Driven by ideas, collaboration, and storytelling, Melissa has found her match in TEDxSFU. A shameless daydreamer, documentary junkie, and design enthusiast at heart, Melissa continually embraces her surroundings to unearth her purpose in the world. Assuming a new leadership role with a curious mind and open heart, she looks forward to making a mark in this year’s 7th annual conference!

Lindsay Wu

Project Lead

Lindsay gets excited about good books, bad puns, making new friends, and the buzz from her insatiable yearning for something more. With a background in event planning and a strong belief in the power of a group of passionate people, Lindsay hopes to lead the TEDxSFU 2017 team to create a conference that celebrates ideas, diversity, and learning.

Maggie Ma

Director of Internal Operations

Maggie is a smiling enthusiast, mental health advocate, and dog-petting expert. You will likely find her listening to music, because it has led to her appreciation of hearing about what others have to create, and what they’re passionate about. With an open mind, and an ear for new perspectives, she is thrilled to be on the TEDxSFU team this year.

Chanittha Vesboonchu

Director of Marketing

From scribbles on the street to creative tea filters, she finds inspirations in all random things. When her to-do lists are voided, she can be found excavating good wines or draining her scene points on blockbusters. With a passion for promoting riveting ideas, Chanittha hopes to take TEDxSFU conference to a new height in 2017!

Jason Zhu

Director of Events

Able to finish a television series within days, Jason is easily captivated by great storytelling. His imaginative mind is best displayed when he is cracking puns and shooting finger guns. Jason is excited to make an impact this year, and hopes to craft the conditions that will allow the inspiration generated from TEDxSFU 2017 to permeate far and wide.

Aris Grout

Director of Content Development

Wielding a research article in one hand and an XL black coffee in the other, Aris hopes to use his overly strategic mind to one day save the world from hereditary ailments and weak coffee. With a passion for stimulating conversation and community engagement, Aris seeks to unearth the heroes who will pave the road to wisdom for attendees of the TEDxSFU 2017 conference.

Amar Singh

Director of Partner Relations

What Ideas occupy your mind? The ideas that waltz around Amar’s’ mind pertain to the intricacies of life, in particular how to nurture genuine connections between humans with other humans and their natural environment. The question that often hums in Amar’s subconscious is, “What is the point in life?” Amar’s curiosity knows no boundaries, and fuels the flurry of ideas that Amar wishes to implement in order to create a positive impact in his local and global community.

Rebecca Loree

Director of Partner Relations

Rebecca is a recent SFU Communications grad, who can almost always be found drinking coffee and cracking an underrated dad joke. When she’s not mentoring youth or playing soccer, she can be found skiing, baking and cooking, playing with puppies, or sparking up conversations with strangers. Rebecca hopes to bring the power of relationships to this year’s conference, further enhancing and enriching the TEDxSFU experience.

Renée McMillen

Visual Designer

Most notably seen with either a coffee or a glass of wine in tow, Renee is constantly looking for ways to impact the world and society at an individual level and in creative ways. She’s looking forward to collaborating with a strong, focused and passionate team at this year’s conference.

Helen Bezverhaia

Graphic Designer

Helen is a 5th year business / interactive arts & technology student and an aspiring user experience designer with a passion for innovative community engagement programs, good design, and chocolates. She is thrilled to bring her creative eye and experience to this year’s TEDxSFU. When time permits Helen likes to explore the inside and outside of Vancouver either on foot, bike or horseback.

Eloise Cai

Web developer

As an enthusiastic explorer looking for excitement around her, Eloise will probably be trying new foods or new things when she is not punching in code. She believes in the power of individual and finding her way to make an impact, which is why she found TEDxSFU! She can’t wait to be involved in this new excitement, TEDxSFU 2017 conference and be inspired!

Board of Advisors

Rosanne Ng

Senior Advisor

A dedicated volunteer in her community, Rosanne has been working with non-profit organizations for 20 years. Over the years, she has led a number of organizations both locally and at a global level. Serving as Board member of local non-profit organizations in recent years, Rosanne works with organizations on governance, succession planning, alignment and improving financial stability. As the Manager of Student Engagement and Recruitment at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, Rosanne continues her work with student groups from a wide array of models and structures.

Kathryn Koyanagi

Senior Advisor

As a creative enthusiast and an adventure seeker, Kathryn is always searching for innovative ideas to fuel her imagination. She is passionate about travelling, relationship building, and drinking coffee. Kathryn hopes to spark inspiration with this year’s TEDxSFU conference.

Jasmine Cumberland

Senior Advisor

Community engagement is incredibly important to Jasmine, and she is currently on the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser University Alumni Association and regularly volunteers with SFU events. Previously, she served as the Chair of the Board of Directors for JDC West, the largest business case competition for undergraduate students in Western Canada. Jasmine is the Manager, People & Organization at Sony Pictures Imageworks, the award-winning visual effects and animation unit of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, which is headquartered in Vancouver. She also loves to travel and has visited 30+ countries to date! Jasmine is excited to see this year's TEDxSFU team run an amazing event!

Bernhard Riecke


When Bernhard is not teaching and researching at the School of Interactive Arts and Technologies (SIAT) at SFU, Bernhard can be found kayaking or sipping a coffee somewhere outside brainstorming new ideas. This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

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