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2016 Speakers: Millionaire Entrepreneur, Miss Canada rights activist, technology innovator and more.

Alissa Antle at TEDxSFU

ALissa Antle

Scholar and Inventor

Dr. Antle pushes the boundaries of computation to expand the ways we think and learn. As a designer and builder of interactive technologies, her goal is to explore the way in which these innovations can improve, augment, and support children’s development. Her interactive technologies have been deployed to facilitate collaborative learning about aboriginal heritage, sustainability and social justice; improve learning outcomes for dyslexic children; and teach self-regulation to disadvantaged children.

In 2015, Dr. Antle was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. This is the highest honour for a scholar in Canada, acknowledging her as one of Canada’s intellectual leaders. Currently, Dr. Antle is a Professor in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at SFU.

Website: Research Website

‘Mind-Full’ in the News: Globe & Mail & SFU President’s Lecture Series

Alexa Mazzarello at TEDxSFU


Visual Storyteller

Alexa Mazzarello is a Vancouver-based freelance photographer and visual storyteller. In 2015, she created BodyThoughts, a multimedia experience that aims to ignite new conversations about body truths for content creators.

Alexa holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Masters of Public Health from Queen’s University, and decided to explore an unconventional route of using academia in her freelance, artistic pursuits. Alexa’s thought-provoking work is heavily influenced by her academic background in sociology, psychology, and public health. Alexa is passionate about using storytelling to start important conversations that spark change.

Websites: Alexa Mazzarello & BodyThoughts


Dan Lok at TEDxSFU

Dan Lok

Millionaire Mentor

A true immigrant success story – Dan arrived in Canada as a teenager with little knowledge of English, and no contacts. The pivotal point in his life came about when Dan realized that his passion and potential did not reside in academia, but within the world of entrepreneurship. He then dropped out of school to pursue his dreams.

Today, Dan is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, an international best-selling author, and a highly sought after business mentor. He is leading a paradigm shift in the world of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and personal achievement. Every year, Dan empowers people all over the world to look beyond the norms of society by adopting a lifestyle and attitude that maximizes success in all facets of life.

Dan Lok

Danny Ramadan at TEDxSFU

Danny Ramadan

LGBTQ Activist and Gay Syrian Refugee

"Danny Ramadan is a Jack-of-all-trades who found his calling in activism, civil justice, journalism and creative writing. As an LGBTQ activist, he has been involved in coordinating online and on-the-ground efforts to support gender and sexual minorities in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, as well as his birthplace, Syria.

Danny is passionate about the values of volunteerism and democracy, and the causes of social justice and LGBTQ refugee’s rights. His commitment to and advocacy of refugees’ rights across Canada is expressed through his work as an experienced journalist, storyteller, and public speaker.Today, Danny is the Volunteer Coordinator at QMUNITY – B.C.’s Queer Resource Centre. Each day, he strives to give back to the community that welcomed and embraced him since his arrival in Canada in September 2014."

Website: dannyramadan.com


Ian Crosby at at TEDxSFU

ian crosby

Fintech Entrepreneur

At 16, Ian was studying at the University of British Columbia. Post-graduation, he worked as a bookkeeper and treasurer at various companies, as well as a management consultant at Bain & Company. It was during these corporate years that he was overcome with a strong need to redesign the way in which entrepreneurs manage their finances.

Introducing Bench – a Vancouver-based tech company with 260 employees that work to offer small business owners thoughtfully-designed software and a dedicated bookkeeping team to remove the headache that is accounting. In 2016, Ian topped the prestigious Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 list for his work at Bench – he was presented this award just one year after receiving the same accolade from B.C. Business Magazine. Ian currently resides in Vancouver with his wife and 3-year-old daughter, Ella.

Ian Crosby

Missy Jena at TEDxSFU

missy jena


MissyJena spent 14 years as an educator and avid observer of student learning within the Vancouver School District. Her experiences and awareness of subtle nuances in human interactions lead Jena to step away from the established education system, and instead, create a new framework for learning that's delighting humans of all ages.

MissyJena is the founder of calmversation; a multi-dimensional approach to authentic, creative and high impact communication. Jena's playful personality and thoughtful nature has inspired thousands of people to connect across the globe through #calmversation. Hear Jena's story as she reflects on human and social development through a very innovative and forward-looking lens.

Website: calmversation.com

Missy Jena

Nohemie Mawaka at TEDxSFU


Social Venture Entrepreneur

Nohémie Mawaka is a daughter of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and immigrated to Canada with dreams of becoming an influential figure for other aspiring black women. In elementary school, she was called an ‘oreo.’ A decade later, she is the only black woman sitting in United Nations international meetings. Nohémie hopes that her journey of challenging and defying social norms may serve as an inspiration for others.

Nohémie currently works in east Congo with vulnerable populations recovering from warfare as a creative global health strategist. As a proud Afro-Canadian and social venture entrepreneur, Nohémie hopes to build an international brand that will benefit people globally. This way, the world can see the full potential of black women, and that when given the right tools, they too can conquer the world.

Website: global-scie.net


Rosan Auyeung-chen at TEDxSFU


Clinical Psychotherapy Counsellor

Rosan has been working for the last few years at Vancouver General Hospital providing individual and group psychotherapy treatment to adults dealing with depression, anxiety, adjustment and personality issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorders.

In 2012, Rosan completed her Masters of Counselling Psychology degree with the specialization in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling, focusing on the psychosocial and vocational impact of neurological, physical, sensory, neuropsychological and pain related disabilities and chronic illness. Through this program, she had the opportunity to complete clinical placements at GF strong rehabilitation centre as well as WorkSafeBC.

Rosan is also a passionate advocate for youth empowerment. In the last eight years she has developed many leadership and mentorship programs and workshops for over 300 youth in the South East Vancouver neighborhood.

Rosan Auyeung-Chen

Tara Teng at TEDxSFU


Human Rights Activist

Tara Teng is a TV host, Miss World Canada 2012, and a human rights activist. She was named Canada’s “Woman of the Year” in 2011, named one of the Globe and Mail’s “Top 25 Most Transformational Canadians,” and received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of her vast human rights work. Her advocacy has helped to pass new laws in Canada that protect victims of human trafficking, and she established Canada’s first Municipal Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.

Today, she continues to work with organizations around the world to combat gender-based violence and human trafficking. She also invests in her community as a mentor with the Miss BC leadership program and is the BC Director for the Joy Smith Foundation, working to end human trafficking and support the rehabilitation of survivors across Canada.

Blog: tarateng.com


Zebulon at TEDxSFU



Zebulon grew up in the Yukon, where life was all about the environment. It directed a daily routine that was practical and often harsh – which made creativity challenging, but without restriction. Free of the pressures that come with childhood social interaction, he dove deep into exploring the area that surrounded him. It is where, to this day, Zebulon says he owes all of his creative inspiration. He believes that humans are creative beings and have an obligation to the environment in which they live. He feels that it is imperative for us to use this creative nature and foster a relationship with our environment. Only through this will we be able to create a better “human-earth relationship.”


Performers + Host

Yoyo extroadinaire, beatboxing artist and more.

Danielle Gardner at TEDxSFU

Danielle Gardner


Danielle Gardner became a recognizable figure in dance as a contestant on CTV's So You Think You Can Dance Canada, where she placed in the top 4 girls. Her proudest achievement yet is using her expertise in dance to help educate and get people moving across Canada.

Since 2011, Danielle has been the Head Choreographer of Team Canada West, and has taken over 250 kids to Europe to perform. Furthermore, she created Impact Dance Productions, a program that provides dance workshops of all styles, to support the artistic and technical growth of the next generation of dancers.

Danielle is a career driven young woman, continuously striving to expand her artistic capabilities as well as enrich the lives of others through dance.

Websites: daniellelgardner.com & impactdanceproductions.com


Danielle Gardner at TEDxSFU

Elya Grant


Born in Parksville, British Columbia, Elya Grant received her contemporary dance education through the Vancouver-based training initiative, Modus Operandi. She was awarded an artistic internship with Out Innerspace Dance Theatre in 2014-2016, where she apprenticed the creation of “Major Motion Picture” and collaborated to perform “Mettle” in the Dancing On The Edge Festival. Recently a part of The Response’s “Scenes For Your Consideration” in EDAM’s Choreographic Series, she has also interpreted works by Karissa Barry, Thoenn Glover, Katie DeVries, and Company 605. This summer, Elya attended the first Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui summer intensive in Antwerp, Belgium.

Natasha Jung at TEDxSFU



Tyler loves the process of creating and performing. Born in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Tyler experience with dance began in Ukrainian Folk dancing, which eventually lead him to other styles where he trained and competed at his local studio. Tyler’s first contemporary dance process was in Deanna Peter’s “Cross Hatch” Saskatchewan tour in 2009. The following year, he moved to Vancouver to continue his training with Arts Umbrella’s Pre-­Professional program for one year, followed by Modus Operandi: School of Contemporary Dance for three years. Tyler has received opportunities to work with dance artists such as Shay Kuebler: Radical System Arts, Wen Wei Dance, Collective 605, Kinesis Dance Somatheatro, and Jennifer Mascall Dance. Among his passion for movement, he enjoys singing and rapping original songs, mixed media painting, and acting.

Harrison Lee at TEDxSFU

Harrison Lee

Yoyo Prodigy

At just 16 years old, Harrison “Yoyo Kid” Lee is a familiar face around Vancouver, and beyond. A standout performer at local festivals and charitable events, Harrison is no stranger to the media, having appeared often on TV, the radio, and in the newspaper.

In 2013, Harrison became one of the youngest yoyoers on record to be named Canadian National Freestyle Yoyo Champion. In addition to his yoyoing talent, Harrison is a popular speaker, frequently presenting talks at schools, conferences, and public events.

Harrison Lee

Mathew Teoh at TEDxSFU

Mathew Teoh

Professional Beatboxer

Mathew has enjoyed making weird noises since 2010. His love for making music with his mouth started when he quit piano lessons and started searching for a musical medium with creativity at the tips of his fingers… or in this case his tongue. Since then he has performed with numerous singers, including an a cappella group in England known as Aquapella. Mathew was also top 16 in the 2015 Canadian Beatbox Championships.

Over the years, Mathew has fallen in and out with his craft, enduring periods of both high and low progress. Just like every other art form, development is not always a straight path. The creative process provides an experience that is unique to each person who pursues it, and Mathew maintains that embracing this quality helps in many other areas of life.


Natasha Jung at TEDxSFU



Since age two, the microphone has been Natasha’s weapon of choice. From singing, live event hosting, television, and speaking to audiences of over 500, she is no stranger to the stage or camera.

Natasha is currently a segment producer and host for Novus TV, interviewing music artists and entertainers. In 2013, she was named one of Richmond’s “30 Under 30” for her work as Executive Producer of RichCity Idol, an award-winning organization supporting youth leadership development and performing arts.

Natasha is a proud SFU Communications alumnus and invites you to take the leap with her and the change-makers of TEDxSFU.

Natasha Jung

November 5, 2016

Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton St, Vancouver
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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